Monday, January 23, 2012

Animation Reel 2012

Here is my latest reel consisting of hand key and motion capture animation from various projects I have worked on.

Click on the link if you prefer viewing a larger version

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“If our entire animation team at Sony had a life of its own, or a personality, it's name would be...MIKE! Mike was one of our core animators when our group was formed to make cinematics for Uncharted 2. And he did a great job! Mike is a very skilled animator. Some of the most difficult body mechanic shots we had, we threw Mike's way. He is a Maya pro and a Motionbuilder master. But what I find most remarkable about Mike is...during his time at Sony, I've never seen someone have the ability to unite all the animators together the way he did. He himself really helped create a fun, creative, and easy to work in environment. We've been through many crunch times as a group together. Mike made those times easier with his enthusiasm, commitment, focus, and sense of humor that spread to the entire team. Needless to say, he is a great asset to any studio because I consider him one of the family here at Sony. He will be missed!”

Chris Clyde

, Animation Supervisor / Senior Animation Lead, Sony Computer